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This is the largest collection of Hotel safety videos and hotel safety training materials currently out on the market. We have titles available in English & Spanish, as well as on DVD or VHS format. We also have great discount packaging available at superb prices. We have free previews for a variety of the hotel/motel safety videos. Overnight, 2-day, 3-day, and UPS Ground shipping are available to anywhere in the continental U.S. Call us today at 702-565-1287 or place you order online via our easy-to-use system.

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Hotel Safety Video List:

5024A ERGONOMICS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY - Edited for Hotel Industry

Designed for computer workstations and industrial applications relating to ergonomics. Illustrates many of the "poor computer operation" designs and operator set up. Shows how to properly position chairs, mouse, monitor, keyboard and general ergonomic principles so employees will have a better understanding of how to prevent ergonomic injuries. Explains graphically proper hand, arm, feet and leg positions while working at a computer. Shows ergonomics for industrial workstations and more. Explains Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSIs occur and what employees can do to correct the problems before they become injuries. Helps companies comply with the new Ergonomic standards.

5025A SANITATION AND HYGIENE - Edited for Hotel Industry

An excellent program for training new or experienced food handlers in proper sanitation and hygiene procedures. Video covers bacteria, microorganisms, proper food temperatures, handling raw foods, cross contamination, food storage, chemicals, cleaning/sanitizing procedures, acidity reactions with metal cans, insect/rodent control, and personal hygiene. Great graphics and animations to stress important topics.

5026A PRE-TRIP INSPECTION FOR LIGHT TRUCKS - Edited for Hotel Industry

Excellent training program to drivers of light trucks how to inspect the vehicle before the shift as well as during and after the shift. What operational checks are required to help vehicles in serviceable condition.


This program offers a basic overview of ergonomics and how employees can become involved in the process of making the workplace more user?friendly. Covered are some of the different products available, how they are used, and more.


This video has two programs: one long version and one short version. The long one has complete detailed information on electrical safety. The short version can be used for short training sessions. This entire program is one of the best programs available on all aspects of electrical safety with great graphics/animations.

5029A ORIENTATION 2000 - Edited for Hotel Industry
This program contains a large number of topics, including Employee Safety Responsibility, PPE, Bloodborne Pathogens, Safe Lifting, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene, Electrical Safety, Machines And Equipment, Ergonomics and much more. This is the short version.


This short version of HAZCOM provides updated training in the areas of MSDS, labeling, physical and health hazards and information generally required for employee training. This version does not elaborate on the written plan, as most employees are not concerned with developing the written manual, only knowing one exists that can be reviewed as necessary. This is the short version.

5031A MAINTENANCE MECHANICAL SAFETY. PART 1 - Edited for Hotel Industry

This is the first part of an excellent training program for maintenance persons, custodians, mechanics, and others that work in maintenance facilities. This video includes personal protective equipment, hand tools, wrenches, electrical tools, drilling & cutting, and potential hazards safety.

5032A MAINTENANCE MECHANICAL SAFETY. PART 2 - Edited for Hotel Industry

Second part of a two part series, includes training on lockout/tagout, confined spaces, fire prevention, ladder safety, compressors, chemicals & hazardous materials, MSDS and Chemical Labeling. Excellent overview of each category and provides updated or annual refresher training for persons working in maintenance.

5033A HAND & POWER TOOL SAFETY - Edited for Hotel Industry

This is an excellent program to help reduce injuries when using hand and power tools. Explains electrical safety, impact tools, wrenches, cheater bars, and miscellaneous safety when using hand and power tools. Emphasizes safety behavior and attitude.

5034A POWER SAW SAFETY - Edited for Hotel Industry

This is an excellent training program for all employees. Discusses electrical safety, grounding of electrical equipment, power/extension cords, double insulation, three-prong plugs, wires, and a good safety overview of electrical safety in the workplace. Applies to office workers as well as those in industrial settings.

5035A GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE SAFETY - Edited for Hotel Industry

This program is designed to improve your golf course maintenance safety program and help meet OSHA requirements.

5036A COMMERCIAL LAWN MOWER SAFETY - Edited for Hotel Industry

Just in time for the spring task of mowing lawns. We have great landscaping videos, but this rounds out the series explaining safety rules when using commercial lawn mowers.

5037A CART SAFETY - Edited for Hotel Industry

The name implies only golf carts. However, this training program is designed primarily for industrial use of golf carts, industrial carts, service carts and other similar electrical carts. Focus is on operating safely, maintenance of electric batteries, general safe driving techniques and basic safety requirements. This is one of the most neglected vehicles in industrial operations, but allowing operators to drive these vehicles without proper training increases a company's liability in the event anyone is injured in the operation of this vehicle. Video is accompanied with an employee booklet on diskette for printing and use as training material.

5038A TREE TRIMMING SAFETY - Edited for Hotel Industry

This video explains the safety and maintenance considerations for working with chain saws, chippers, high-lift trucks, and general tree trimming safety.

5039A LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE - Edited for Hotel Industry

This program covers the general safety rules to follow when operating mowers, cutters, knives, trimmers and weed eaters. Also covers safety when dealing with chemicals and hazardous materials associated with this industry.


This program outlines the potential chemical and biological threats facing us today. Also included are measures organizations can take to reduce these threats at work and at home. Excellent training program for companies wanting to help prepare employees for these potential threats

5041A ANTHRAX THREAT - Edited for Hotel Industry

Although there is a massive amount of information available on this subject, it is important to help allay fear of the Anthrax threat, and fully explains what companies and employees can do to reduce the threat. This program features Dr. Dennis Perrota, State Epidemiologist for the State of Texas, who explains how to protect yourself from the threat. This is the best training video on this topic in the industry.


This video was developed with the assistance of Homeland Security, Louisiana Emergency Response, and the 62nd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Response Team. Additionally, Chris Troesh, a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical expert has made this program easy to understand and provides needed.

5043A SECURITY AWARNESS FOR MANAGEMENT - Edited for Hotel Industry

This training program teaches hospitality managers how to be more aware of security and their surroundings. Discusses what to do incase a suspicious person or item is found a hotel. Teaches managers how to plan for an emergency, what to do incase a weapon or bomb is found in the hotel. Talks about three levels of security and what should be done at each level to properly protect guests.


This training program teaches hospitality employees how to be more aware of security and their surroundings. Discusses what to do incase a suspicious person or item is found a hotel. Teaches employees what to do incase weapons or bombs are found in the hotel room. This program teaches employees what to do if an item is left behind and how to handle a guest that is trying to claim that item. Teaches the employee to check identification before handing over guest information.

5003A Reducing Unsafe Acts Video Hospitality: Hotels & Motels

The vast majority of accidents in the workplace are caused by unsafe acts of employees. The emphasis for accident reduction should be on reducing unsafe acts by employees.

5023A Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens - Hotels & Motels

Meets training requirements for persons working in hotel/motel/restaurant and service industries. Designed for workers identified as first-aid/CPR providers or whose jobs may expose them to blood or blood contaminated body fluids, linens or clothing. Explains how to reduce exposure to HIV/HBV BBP for employees in this industry.

5002A Hazard Communications Video - Hotels & Motels

Chemical and hazardous materials used in the workplace are described in this program. Material safety data sheets, labeling, and basic safety are covered.

5005A Housekeeping Safety - Hotels & Motels

Instructs the housekeeping employee in specific safety hazards. Included are cleaning techniques, chemical use, back injury prevention, and more.

5011A Lockout/Tagout Control Of Hazardous Energy Sources - Hotels & Motels

Great tool for training "affected" and "authorized" employees in lockout/tagout procedures. This includes workers in kitchens, laundry rooms, and maintenance.

5001A Employee Safety Orientation Video - Hotels & Motels

All employees must be made aware of exposure to "general hazards." Includes basic requirements, electrical, mechanical, back injury prevention, fire protection, personal equipment, and more.

5017A Laundry Room Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

There are many safety considerations in a laundry facility such as machine guarding, safe lifting, heat-related concerns, and others. Provides laundry workers with a basic overview of their safety responsibilities.

5020A Valet Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

This film provides safe driving procedures and other safety information for valets. Proper lifting luggage, customer service, guest property protection, and safe driving are featured.

5014A Knife Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

For anyone using knives on the job, this film describes proper personal protective equipment, "how to" information on storing, cleaning, and handling knives.

5004A Sanitation & Hydgiene For Food Service Employees - Hotels & Motels

Employees working in food and/or beverage services must have adequate training in sanitation, bacteria growth, temperature controls, personal hygiene, food handling, and insect/rodent control

5006A Back Injury Prevention-Lifting Safely Video - Hotels & Motels

Addresses lifting hazards and demonstrates how to lift safely. Specific techniques are required in the wide variety of lifting tasks in the hotel/motel industry.

5007A Maintenance Person Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

Meets OSHA training requirements and is designed especially for the hotel/motel worker who faces many hazards when performing various tasks.

5008A Kitchen Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

Addresses food preparation equipment, cleaning equipment, chemicals, knives, food slicer, electrical safety, floors, and more.

5009A Fire Extinguishers & Operation Video - Hotels & Motels

Illustrates the use of fire extinguishers, classes of fire, PASS, and important information for training persons on fire extinguisher basics, and improving fire prevention awareness.

5010A Ladder Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

This short program covers the safe use of stepladders, straight ladders, and general safety measures.

5012A Casino Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

Provides training on electrical machinery hazards, but focuses on proper safe lifting of heavy money pails/bags, cart safety, and general safety essential to reduce accidents and injuries in casinos.

5013A Manual & Electric Cart Safety Video - Hotels & Motels

For individuals using a variety of carts during the course of their job duties. Includes electric scooters, pallet jacks, manual push carts, and others. Provides information on proper maintenance procedures.

5018A Fire Prevention Video - Hotels & Motels

Covers the basics of general fire prevention, conditions and requirements specific to the hospitality industry.

5019A Reducing Third Party Liability Video - Hotels & Motels

Customer accidents can be very costly. This film reviews the proper procedures to take in this type of situation and preventing third-party liability. An excellent program for individuals working in the customer service area.

5021A Hospitality/Customer Service Video - Hotels & Motels

This program provides a fresh approach to quality customer service in the hospitality industry. This film is appropriate for all employees in this industry.

5022A Safe Travel Hospitality Video - Hotels & Motels

Excellent program for anyone traveling on business or pleasure. Promotes safety and security for travelers and directed primarily for hotel security and safety.


hotel safety video & dvd


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