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8-hour Annual Retraining, 24-hour retraining, and Complete 40-Hour training.

HAZWOPER's history begins in 1976 when the EPA successfully implemented the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Its purpose was to regulate the handling of Hazardous Waste. In 1986 OSHA was then given the task of protecting HAZMAT workers. In 1990 OSHA issued what is known as the HAZWOPER regulation, which requires a number of specific levels of employee training, depending on an employee’s involvement with hazardous materials. Black Mountain Safety & Health Inc.’s “HAZWOPER Videotape/DVD Training Series” provides employees with information the regulation requires them to receive in their training sessions. By combining various programs in the series, “training packages” can be configured to help meet all of the OSHA HAZWOPER training requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning HAZWOPER

People often ask if the training provided by this DVD/Video training package will fulfill government requirements. A related question is: What qualifications must an instructor have in order for the training to be valid? These questions arise when an organization is trying to develop their own training program to avoid the expense of hiring outside instructors.

Our answers to these questions are as follows:

1. The government does not require that HAZWOPER instructors be certified.

2. Our HAZWOPER DVD/Video/Interactive CD-ROM/Online training will come close to meeting the Federal OSHA regulations in regards to HAZWOPER, but site-specific and hands-on training are still required.

The requirements for instructors are as follows:

1910.120(e)(5) "Qualifications for trainers. Trainers shall be qualified to instruct employees about the subject matter that is being presented in training. Such trainers shall have satisfactorily completed a training program for teaching the subjects they are expected to teach, or they shall have the academic credentials and instructional experience necessary for teaching the subjects. Instructors shall demonstrate competent instructional skills and knowledge of the applicable subject matter."



On OSHA's website they also answer the following question:

Is computer-based training acceptable for refresher training?

Computer-based training may meet some refresher training requirements, provided that it covers topics relevant to workers' assigned duties. It must be supplemented by the opportunity to ask questions of a qualified trainer and by an assessment of hands-on performance of work tasks.



The qualifications required of HAZWOPER instructors as given above are not very precise. We interpret the above regulations to mean that the instructor must have experience with the subject matter and be able to do a competent job of teaching it. Therefore we believe that it should not be be very difficult for a company to find an in-house instructor with sufficient education and knowledge in this area to conduct a valid training program with the aid of this video tape series. We note that it is very common for HAZWOPER instructors to have considerable practical experience in the subject and yet not have much higher education (i.e. a bachelors degree). It is the responsiblity of the purchaser of these programs to insure that the instructor meets the minimum requirements, as set forth by the above regulations.

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Also, we would like to emphasis that companies who must train their employees in HAZWOPER regulations must keep both the Federal and State laws in mind when conducting their training sessions. Our HAZWOPER programs are designed with Federal laws in mind. In some states the HAZWOPER laws may be more stringent or more lax. Some States simply use the Federal laws verbatim.

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