Driving Safety DVD

Driving Safety DVD

Driving Safety DVD Description: Driving safety dvd programs have never been easier and quicker to learn. If you are a safety trainer for an independent safety training or consulting firm, or if you are safety director of a large, medium, to small company you will find the information contained in this program to be an invaluable resource to your safety program. Information in this program is presented in a definite order, so that employees will see the relationships between the various groups of information and can retain them more easily. The sections in this program include:

Each of the sections gives an overview of important infomration in one topic area, providing employees with the basis for understanding how to drive safely. This program is available in both video, dvd, cd-rom, and as part of an online training program via the web.

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Available on VHS or DVD, in English or Spanish.  Program length: 16 minutes

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