Radiation Safety for X-Ray Generating Devices

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Radiation Safety
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Released November 1st, 2007
Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc.
The following outline summarizes the main points of information presented in this video program. This outline can be used to review the program before conducting a classroom session as well as in preparing to lead a class discussion about the program.

radiation safety x-ray generating devices video dvd

This video/dvd discusses important points related to X-Ray Emitting Devices as follows:
  • There are various devices that emit X-rays, including sterilization devices, medical devices and radiography equipment.

  • X-rays are generated when electrons are accelerated and hit a metal target

  • The energy of the emitted X-rays depends on various machine settings and upon the degree of filtration

  • Time, distance and shielding can be used to reduce unwanted dose to employees. Filtration and adjustment of settings can be used to reduce dose to patients. Filtration is used to remove low energy X-rays that would otherwise give dose that is not useful in imaging

  • Various other adjustments that influence dose are discussed in the video

  • The wearing of dosimetry badges is necessary to monitor dose to employees

  • Shielding of from 1/8 to 1/4 inch is needed in X-ray rooms

  • Radiation surveys are needed to confirm safety of routine operations

  • Quality assurance procedures are necessary to confirm that there is no risk from scattered radiation, to confirm that the proper dose is used and to protect against leakage

The program is packaged with 10 training certificates, and a reproducible quiz.

radiation safety x-ray generating devices video dvd

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