Radiation Safety for Sealed Sources

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radiation safety sealed sources video dvd

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Radiation Safety
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Released October 1st, 2007
Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc.
This video discusses the many aspects of radiation safety for sealed sources as follows:
  • Sealed sources are used for many purposes, especially in the medical field, for industrial uses and for geological exploration

  • Basic radiation safety practices for sealed sources include the following: (1) Never handle sources with your bare hands (2) Keep sources shielded (3) Monitor the sources with measurement devices (4) Use good storage practices (5) Secure sources during transport

  • High Radiation Area – Should be posted with signs and alarmed. For first responders, a description of the source is optional but useful. Posting is required by regulation.

  • Inventory and Leak Tests – Both must be done every six months. Separate records must be kept for leak testing and inventory. Leak test records cannot be used as inventory records.

  • Inventory can be done in instruments such as scintillation counters by confirming that it is working properly – no need to dismantle.

  • If source is leaking, notify regulators and store leaking source in safe manner.

  • Leaking is confirmed by activity above 185 Bq or 11,100 dpm. Must show that this activity can be measured above background.

  • Regulatory Requirements – Need training specific to the irradiator. Ancillary workers and First Responders need training – First Responders need to know where source is and level of risk.

  • Security – Make sure sources cannot be stolen or lost.

  • Plan for emergencies – use shielding if needed, lead is best but soil can be used too – 4 inches of soil is equal to 1 inch of lead.

The program is packaged with 10 training certificates, and a reproducible quiz.

radiation safety sealed sources video dvd

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