Radiation Protection and Dosimetry - An Introduction to Health Physics

Radiation Protection and Dosimetry - An Introduction to Health Physics

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Radiation Protection and Dosimetry
An Introduction to Health Physics
Stabin, Michael G.
2008, XVI, 384 p. 190 illus., Hardcover

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Comments of Robert Holloway of Nevada Technical: I bought this book for my own personal use and was so impressed with it that I decided to sell it on this site. It is one of the best books on radiation protection that I have seen and is also one of the most recent. I highly recommend it.

About this textbook

  • Provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the practice of radiation protection making it ideal for courses in health physics

  • Organized into clear sections and subsections which can be easily followed and selected for individual study

  • Author website contains materials for instructors including PowerPoint slides for lectures and worked-out solutions to end-of-chapter exercises
This comprehensive text provides an overview of all relevant topics in the field of radiation protection (health physics). Radiation Protection and Dosimetry serves as an essential handbook for practicing health physics professionals, and is also ideal as a teaching text for courses at the university level. The book is organized to introduce the reader to basic principles of radiation decay and interactions, to review current knowledge and historical aspects of the biological effects of radiation, and to cover important operational topics such as radiation shielding and dosimetry. In addition to presenting the most up to date treatment of the topics and references to the literature, most chapters contain numerical problems with their solutions for use in teaching or self assessment. One chapter is devoted to Environmental Health Physics, which was written in collaboration with leading professionals in the area.

Written for:

Students and professionals in biological and health physics

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