Radiation & Pregnancy - For Healthcare Personnel

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Product Number: DVD10
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Classification: Radiation Safety
Length of Video(in Minutes): 19
Year Produced: 2005
Publisher: Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc.
Description: This video is designed specifically for health care personnel who need a simple explanation of how radiation affects a pregnancy. The contents of the video are the same as Radiation & Pregnancy for Patients except that the last portion of the video discusses the radiation worker's decision to declare her pregnancy. as The presentation discusses the risk to the unborn baby of various types of radiation exposure.

radiation pregnancy healthcare personnel video dvd

Topics included in the discussion are:

  • Radiation dose units
  • Natural and man-made sources of radiation
  • How risk varies with the stage of pregnancy
  • Dose of radiation required to produce adverse effects
  • Risk from various types of medical radiation exposure
  • Risk from flying
  • Sources of reliable information
  • Declaring pregnancy

The program is packaged with an instructor's guide, chapter outline, 10 training certificates, and a reproducible quiz.

radiation pregnancy healthcare personnel video dvd

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