Pricing for Online Safety Training

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The prices for the use of the online training system are listed below. Customers have full access to the library of 115+ courses, as well as a comprehensive, online learning management system (LMS). There are no set-up, library or subscription fees for using the system. Customers only pay for the courses that their employees take. There are four different types of usage plans to choose from.

Low Volume, Prepayment.

  • For customers who only need a small number of accesses.
  • Customers prepay for the number of accesses that they want to use.
High Volume, "Purchase Commitment".

  • For customers who will be using a larger number of accesses.
  • Customers sign a usage agreement, estimating how many course accesses they will use in a twelve-month period.
  • Customers are billed monthly, for the accesses that they used the previous month.
Unlimited Accesses.

  • Customers pay a fixed fee per employee.
  • Employees can take an unlimited number of courses during the twelve month period.
Nevada Technical’s courses can also be installed on a customer's own learning management system.

  • The system must be SCORM-conformant.
  • This approach is normally for customers with large number of employees.

For lower volume users. Customers prepay for the number of accesses that they want to use. Additional accesses can be purchased at the same price as the customer paid for their initial accesses.

Number of Course Accesses * Price Per access *
1 – 9 $ 19.95
10 – 49 $ 17.95
50 – 99 $ 15.95


For high volume users. Customers agree to use a minimum number of accesses over a twelve month period. Customers are billed monthly for the accesses that they use during the preceding month.

Number of Committed Course Accesses* Price Per Access*
100 – 249 $ 13.95
250 – 499
$ 12.95
500 – 999 $ 10.95
1,000 – 1,499 $ 8.95
1,500 – 1,999 $ 6.95
2,000 – 2,999 $ 4.95
3,000 – 4,999 $ 4.50
5,000 – 7,499 $ 3.95
7,500 – 9,999 $ 3.50
10,000+ $ 2.95


For users who want their employees to take a large number of courses, but may not be sure of exactly how many accesses an average employee will use. Customers normally prepay for the number of employees who will be taking courses (other billing arrangements can be discussed for customers with very large numbers of employees).

Number of Employees*

Price Per Employee*
25 – 49 $ 100.00
50 – 99 $ 85.00
100 – 249 $ 70.00
250 – 499 $ 60.00
500+ $ 50.00

* A course "access" occurs when a user selects and begins to take a course.
** The number of courses is limited to an average of 40 courses per employee  


One of the alternatives that is available to customers who want to use the interactive courses is to install the courses on their own learning management system (LMS). To do this, the customer's LMS must be SCORM-conformant, so that it will accept SCORM-conformant "course-bundles"

In order to use this approach, customers license courses for use on their LMS, at the prices listed below. Pricing is based on either the total number of employees who have access to the customer's LMS or the approximate number of employees who will be taking the course(s), depending on the situation and the controls available in the LMS.

Average Number of Employees Taking The Course(s) Annual License: Customer's Price Per Course Bundle*

Perpetual License:
Customer's Price
Per Course Bundle*

1 – 199 $ 1,500 $ 2,500
200 – 499 $ 2,250 $ 3,750
500 – 999 $ 3,500 $ 5,750
1,000 – 2,499 $ 5,500 $ 9,500
2,500 – 4,999 $ 10,500 $ 17,500
5,000 – 9,999 $ 17,500 $ 29,500
10,000+ $ 23,500 $ 39,500

* The following quantity discounts are applied when a customer purchases multiple courses.

• 5-10 course bundles = 5%
• 11-25 course bundles = 10%
• 25-50 course bundles = 15%
• 51+ course bundles = 20%

*** Since the courses are "video-rich", customers must have some type of high-speed connection to the Internet, such as a T-1 line, cable modem, or higher speed DSL or ISDN line, to play the courses satisfactorily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does "unlimited access" last?

There is no time limit. Unlimited access refers to having access to any course within the entire library of courses. The only limitation is that each employee is limited to taking an average of 40 separate courses. For example, If trainee A uses 30 course accesses then trainee B is able to use 50 course accesses, but for all trainees the average course access cannot exceed 40 per trainee. Also, for the "unlimited access" category of pricing the trainees cannot take the same course more than once.

2. Do you get free access to the management console, or do you have to pay extra for this ability?

Management access allows you to set up each trainee and track their progress at anytime, and control which groups of employees take which specific courses. This access costs $395.00. This is a one-time fee that entails the creation of a learning management system devoted exclusively to your organization.

For organizations that do not choose the management access option we will manage the administration of the courses for them. We will set up each individual trainee and send the training manager monthly progress reports for each trainee.

The decision to go with management access or without it usually depends on the complexity of the training program, the number of training topics that need to be covered, and the number of people that need to be trained. Usually, most organizations will start using the system without management access and as they become more accustomed to the system they will opt for access to the management features of the training system.