Preview Video Help


Please note: Not all of our preview clips are online yet. Please contact us if you would like to view a clip that is not online.

We are proud to announce the newest improvement to our website that will make your shopping experience much easier, and much more enjoyable. You may now view a sample video clip for each safety videotape/dvd program right from your computer, and at the click of a button! Each video clip is approximately 2-5 minutes in length and is displayed in Macromedia Flash format. You will need to have Macromedia Flash Player installed on your browser to view each sample clip.

To access each video clip simply click on the "details" link of the video/dvd you are interested in.

This action will bring up a brief product description of the video/dvd. In the upper portion of the web page you should see a flash player control panel. It will look just like this:

The only thing you need to do next is click the PLAY icon. Each video clip is approximately 5MB in length, and depending upon your connection speed it may take anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute before you can actually view the clip. However, the flash player will allow you to begin viewing the clip before the entire file is downloaded to your browser. There are two knobs at the bottom of the player. The knob at the very bottom of the control panel is the volume knob. The knob just above it allows you to move to different sections within the video clip. This knob also doubles as a progress indicator for the file download, and you may notice a black line sliding across it every time you bring up the product description for any product.

Most browsers come installed with Macromedia Flash Player, if you do not already have Macromedia Flash Player installed you will be prompted to download a flash player plugin for your web browser. If you are using Mozilla Firefox you will see this message:

If you are using Internet Explorer you will receive a similar prompt. A window will pop up asking you to download the Macromedia Flash Player. This message is a default feature of the Windows version of Microsoft Internet Explorer called "Install on Demand". Choose "Yes" and install the Macromedia Flash Player.

In some cases, depending on your security settings, you will receive a security warning.

If you receive this message simply click on "Install" to download the Macromedia Flash Player.

To manually download the Flash Player plugin from Macromedia please visit the following website:

Please Note:

1. Not all of our video clips are online yet. Contact us if you would like to view a clip that isn't yet online.

2. The original footage from each video/dvd has been compressed to allow for easier Internet viewing. The videotape/dvd that you will receive is produced in a high quality, high resolution format.

3. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to view the preview clips in Flash format, contact us and we may be able to present you with a different format.