Online Safety Training

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This page is out of date as of 9/8/2015. For more recent information please click the main menu link above.

Why should you choose online safety training?

  • Free updates - In the past whenever there's been an update involving OSHA regulations a business would be forced to repurchase new training materials in order to comply with updated regulations. With online safety training this is no longer an issue as the training content is updated on our servers.
  • Low cost - With courses costing $2.95 per course access for highest volume purchases, and $24.95 (1 to 9 trainees) per course access for our lowest volume purchases we offer some of the most affordable pricing in the industry.
  • Flexible - Your trainees can take our safety training courses anytime, anywhere, regardless of their geographic location or what time of day they are working.
  • It's easy! - The courses are easy to navigate for the trainee, and the training supervisor does not have to spend much time or effort to manage the actual training. Everything is logged and the progress and test results of each trainee is tracked. There are no servers to maintain or software installations to be responsible for. Everything is hosted on our servers and your trainees may access the safety courses via a web browser 24 hours a day
  • Large selection of titles - 115 titles to choose from. Many available in both English and Spanish. HAZWOPER, OSHA Compliance, Laboratory Safety, and General Safety & Health.
  • Compatible with other systems - Do you already have a learning management system (LMS), but you like our content? You can host our courses on your organization's LMS. All of our courses were designed to be SCORM-conformant. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning. Most of the learning management systems available today are created with SCORM in mind.