Hexavalent Chromium DVD

Hexavalent Chromium DVD

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Part Number:C-328
DVD Run Time (in Minutes): 21
Year Produced: 2010
Publisher: Convergence
Description: Protect yourself and your team from increased risk of cancer with our training designed to raise awareness about the dangers of hexavalent chromium exposure. Welders and other workers who handle or assemble electronic components may be at higher risk of exposure to this known human carcinogen. Learn what hexavalent chromium is, how it's formed, the health hazards it presents, and what personal protective equipment you can use to protect yourself. Our training will also give you a better understanding of OSHA permissible exposure limits, monitoring, record keeping, medical surveillance, and employee notification. You'll also learn about industry best practices related to engineering and administrative controls to protect workers from dangerous exposure to hexavalent chromium. Based on OSHA's 1910.1026 standard for General Industry and 1926.1126 standard for the Construction Industry.

Please note: Available only in DVD format and English

This program includes 3D animations or 3D rendered still images throughout the entirety of the presentation.

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