Fetal Effects of Diagnostic Radiation Exposure

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Product Number: DVD11
List Price: $395.00
Classification: Radiation Safety
Length of Video(in Minutes): 36
Year Produced: 2006
Publisher: Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc.
Description: This video is an in-depth course on radiation and how it affects pregnancy. Physicians and other healthcare professionals would be well served by learning what the radiation risks are to an unborn baby as it relates to various medical procedures such as Diagnostic x-rays, CT scan (CAT scan), and Fluoroscopy.

fetal effects diagnostic radiation exposure video dvd

Topics include:

  • Pre-Conception Radiation Exposure
  • Background Radiation Exposure
  • Medical Radiation Exposure
  • Radiation Dose from Nuclear Medicine
  • Effects of Fetal Radiation Exposure
  • Legal Considerationas as it relates to Radiation Exposure in the Healthcare Industry,
  • Calculating Radiation dose for Medical procedures
  • and much more!

The program is packaged with an instructor's guide, chapter outline, 10 training certificates, and a reproducible quiz.

fetal effects diagnostic radiation exposure video dvd

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